Confession: I’m a homeschooler now.


Homeschooling is hard. Weird and hard. Weird because it goes against everything that I’ve been taught about schooling and public education and being in front of a classroom myself, and it’s hard because, well, it’s teaching. It’s work. Sure we are at home and can sleep in if we choose and make our own schedule, but it’s still prepping and documenting and all that goes with it.

But weird and hard don’t mean bad. I’ve learned more about my girls and their personalities and the young ladies they are shaping up to be in these 2.5 months than I have in the last few years. That’s both wonderful and sad. I missed so much of their everyday life just by dropping them off at school and picking them up 8-10 hours later. Now I get to see them all day everyday. (It’s not all sunshine and pinterest crafts though– let’s be real.)

Now, here’s where I tell you that I am not advocating for one education method over another. At all. I’m a product of public education. My father, sister, and myself were all public education servants for a time (some longer than others). My girls have been in private school for pre-school and then public for Kindergarten. I see the pluses and minuses to both private and public schools and now homeschooling. It’s just what works for us right now. This is a journey. A marathon, not a sprint.

Will we continue to homeschool beyond 1st grade? I have no idea. I really don’t. Right now we are just taking it one day at a time.

running for boston…

If you were anywhere online yesterday, then you saw a handful of running groups pull together and announce that today would be a day for the running community to show our support of Boston and the senseless tragedy that occurred yesterday. There were posts about wearing a racing shirt, or wearing blue and gold, or just going out to run.

Getting out there in a show of solidarity and unity– that we might not all be Boston Qualifiers but the Runner’s Spirit is in all of us. From the spectators to the elite, the thing that draws us to these races is the perseverance of the human spirit. I am proud to be a runner. I am proud to be a part of this community. My heart goes out to all those affected by yesterday’s events.

JOIN ME in an online running club!


Despite my last attempt at joining a running group being a big ol’ huge bucket of fail, I still had it in my head that what I needed to do was to join a group or a class or something. Something to keep me motivated and accountable in my training and/or everyday runs. I was pumped to learned that my local running store was starting a new beginner’s group this past week. Even though I’m not technically a beginner, I’m slow like one and thought that perhaps by joining a proper class I could learn better technique and maybe get a bit faster and more efficient.  I was all set to register and be on my merry running way when it dawned on me that the first week, would be the week that J would be in NYC for work. I would have to miss the first week of classes, so basically, I was out of luck.


Foiled again.

I was pretty bummed and just figured that I would have to start running again solo. The thought made me sad. And seriously unmotivated to even try. But then I started thinking that maybe others are in the same boat as me. That maybe others needed the motivation and accountability that a group offered but didn’t have the time or resources to join one. So, I thought, why not start an online running group? One where everyone is welcome, no matter skill level or training program?  On a whim, I posted the idea on my facebook page and BOOM– others were also interested in joining! And before I knew it, the TARS Running Club was born! I’m seriously SO EXCITED about this, y’all!

Right now we have 9 people that are on board– all different levels and locations– and I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s how it will all work:

  • Each Sunday I will post the weekly mileage goal on FB. There will be 3 different “levels” that you can aim for, depending on your time, ability, etc. You chose which you feel is best for you* and make it happen in anyway you see fit. Run. Walk. Run/Walk. Do half a mile one day and 4 on the next. Whatever you want to do to achieve your weekly mileage goal. See? Easy peasy.
  • On Saturday, just comment on that week’s goal post on whether you made your goal or not– and any other accomplishments you want to shout out, like, “I ran for a full 20 mins!” Or “I PRd at my 5k this weekend!”. If you don’t make your goal– no worries. This will be a judgement free zone because life happens. Sometimes you just can’t get out and run. But let us know anyways so we can support you regardless!

Want to join us? Please do!! The more the merrier! Just go like my facebook page so you can receive the Weekly Goal Posts. That’s it!

*Please do not start this club if you aren’t sure you can safely do so health-wise.
You should consult your doctor before starting any new fitness/work-out regimen.